What is the Cost of a New Asphalt Shingle Roof in Orlando?

Aug 11, 2022Asphalt Shingle Roofing, Blog, Costs, Orlando

Asphalt shingle roofs are a popular choice for Orlando residents. They’re the most affordable roofing system on the market while still offering excellent durability and longevity. If you’ve been considering an asphalt shingle roof you’re probably wondering what you can expect to pay for it. 

Average Cost to Install a New Asphalt Shingle Roof in Orlando

The average cost to install a new asphalt shingle roof in Orlando is between $4,500 and $16,500 depending on a variety of factors. You can generally expect to pay around $4.10 to $6.90 per square foot for an asphalt shingle roof installation in Orlando. 

How Roof Size Impact Roof Installation Cost

The size of your roof will be one of the most important factors in determining the cost of your new asphalt shingle roof in Orlando. Your Orlando roofing expert will take precise measurements to give you an exact price, but you can use the general square footage of your roof to get a good idea of what you can expect to pay. 

  • 1000 square foot roof: $4,100 to $6,900
  • 1500 square foot roof: $6,150 to $10,350
  • 2000 square foot roof: $8,200 to $13,800
  • 2500 square foot roof: $10,250 to $17,250
  • 3000 square foot roof: $12,300 to $20,700
  • 3500 square foot roof: $14,350 to $24,150

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Popular Shingles in Orlando

There are three shingle styles that are popular among Orlando residents. 

Three-Tab Shingles

Three-tab shingles are the most affordable asphalt shingle roofing option on the market. They’re named for their distinct cutouts that give them the appearance of having three, uniform tabs. While three-tab shingles are the most affordable, they’re also the least durable with the shortest lifespan. 

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are the most popular asphalt shingle available in Orlando. They offer superior durability and longevity compared to three-tab shingles and also have more color and style options. While architectural shingles are more expensive than three-tab shingles, they’re more cost-effective in the long run because of their higher quality. 

Luxury Shingles

Luxury shingles are a premium roofing material. These shingles were created to mimic the look of higher-end roofs like slate and cedar without the massive price tag that accompanies those roofs. Luxury shingles are more expensive than three-tab or architectural shingles, but still only a fraction of the cost of the materials they’re made to emulate. 

Other Important Factors That Affect New Roof Cost

In addition to the size of your roof and the style of shingle you choose, there are a few other factors that will impact the final cost of your new asphalt shingle roof. 

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Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof is how steep the roof is. As a roof gets steeper, its surface area increases. This means that, in general, the steeper a roof is the more expensive it will be.  

Roof Complexity

The complexity of your roof refers to a few different things, including dormers, chimneys, vents, and skylights. As a roof gets more complex, the cost to install it will increase. 

New Installation or Replacement

Roof replacements will typically be a bit more expensive than a brand-new roof installation. This is due to the labor and disposal costs that are associated with the removal of the old roof.

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