What is the Cost of a New Metal Roof in Orlando?

Jul 19, 2022Blog, Costs, Metal Roofing, Orlando

Are you in the market for a new roof in Orlando?  Metal roofing is an increasingly popular choose for Orlando homeowners due to its durability, longevity, and versatility.  If you’ve been thinking about adding a metal roof to your home, you’re probably wondering how much your new roof will set you back. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a new roof, so if you need an more exact price, contact Home Pros Roofing and Contracting for a free inspection and to discuss your options.  If you’re still just looking for some preliminary information, follow along to get an idea of what you can expect when you choose a metal roof in Orlando.

Average Orlando Metal Roof Cost

The average cost to install a metal roof in Orlando is approximately $1000 per square.  A square is a standard roofing unit that refers to a 10 foot by 10 foot area of roof, or 100 square feet.  In general, you can expect to pay between $6,600 to $36,000 to install a metal roof in Orlando at a cost of around $6.60 to $10.30 per square foot of roof.

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Metal Roof Cost by Size

The size of your roof will be one of the greatest factors that will affect the ultimate cost of your metal roof installation in Orlando.  If you know the approximate size of your roof you can get a rough idea of what your metal roof will cost with the following ranges:

  • 1000 square foot roof: $6,600 to $10,300
  • 1500 square foot roof: $9,900 to $15,450
  • 2000 square foot roof: $13,200 to $20,600
  • 2500 square foot roof: $16,500 to $25,750
  • 3000 square foot roof: $19,800 to $30,900
  • 3500 square foot roof: $23,100 to $36,050

How Pitch Impacts Roof Size

The size of your roof isn’t simply equal to the base square footage of your home because your roof isn’t flat.  Pitch refers to how steep your roof is and can have a big impact on the surface area of the roof, which in turns gives it a lot of power over the cost of your metal roof installation.  When roofers in Orlando talk about pitch they’re referencing the distance the roof travels vertically over a span of 12 inches, and the pitch is named as x/12 with x being equal to the vertical distance.  Each pitch has a corresponding, standardized pitch multiplier that is used to determine how the pitch will change the surface area of the roof.  Let’s take a look at how pitch will impact surface area, and, therefore, cost of a metal roof installation on a 1000 square foot home at an average cost of $1000 per square or $10.00 per square foot:

  • 3/12 pitch roof: 1000 square foot base x 1.031 pitch multiplier = 1031 square feet x $10.00 per square foot = $10,310
  • 9/12 pitch roof: 1000 square foot base x 1.25 pitch multiplier = 1250 square feet x $10.00 per square foot = $12,500

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With this simple example it becomes clear how a steeper roof can directly change the cost of installing the roof due to increased surface area.

How Roof Material Affects Cost

In addition to the size of the roof, the factor that impacts the cost of a metal roof installation in Orlando the most is the specific roofing material chosen.  The term metal roofing encompasses several different materials and roofing systems.  Each of these systems and materials has its own pros and cons and each has different costs associated.  Average metal roof installation prices include all of these options, but it’s important to understand that the material chooses you make can cause your roof installation cost to greatly veer away from the average.  The most common metal roofing choices in Orlando are:

  • Aluminum Metal Roofing
  • Copper Metal Roofing
  • Steel Metal Roofing
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing

Are you ready for more details for your potential metal roof installation in Orlando?  Call Home Pros Roofing and Contracting to schedule your inspection, today!